Aromaestro launches first olfactory diffuser that’s connected to the web, a 100% Quebec-based innovation

Aromaestro launches first olfactory diffuser that’s connected to the web, a 100% Quebec-based innovation


Completely designed and developed by a research team based in Blainville, Quebec, the Aromaestro is the first connected olfactory environment solution on the market. This Internet-controlled diffuser enables you to perfume, deodorize and sanitize the ambient air in any space (home, restaurant, business, hotel, etc.) thanks to a nebulization process managed by a dedicated Web platform. An innovation that perfectly responds to the growing demand for olfactory marketing.

A first in the olfactory industry

What can the Aromaestro solution do for you? Disperse relaxing essential oils in a spa area, the perfume of rosemary in a hotel lobby or a fresh citrus scent to stimulate appetites during meal times in your dining room. With just a few clicks—even remotely—you can control more than one diffuser in your hotel, business or restaurant, programming them to disperse scents at specific times. “Having worked in the olfactory industry for more than 10 years, we noticed that no product offered the ease of diffusion control needed to truly capture that most sensitive and delicate sense of smell,” explains Alain Charette, President, Aromaestro. “We are proud to have developed this cutting-edge technology entirely in Quebec and today, it is the first of its kind in the olfactory industry.”

Diffusion enabled by nebulization

Aromaestro cartridges have a high-performance nebulization chamber. This technology fractions fragrances or essential oils into microscopic particles that disperse into the air. This cold propulsion system preserves the authentic olfactory properties of each aroma and micro drops don’t leave any traces on clothes or furniture. The propagation of aromatic molecules into the air is powered by a wind tunnel that’s fully integrated into the Aromaestro diffuser, enabling continuous and safe distribution.

RFID communication technology

Aromaestro cartridges rely on RFID technology to always stay connected with the diffuser. It even sends users automatic alerts to signal low cartridge levels and help them more immediately replace cartridges.

A wide variety of aromas


Discover your favourite from our range of exceptional fragrances: Citrus, Woody, Floral, Fruity, Herbal and Signature. 

-Essential oils

Combined with essential oils, your Aromaestro solution opens a world of aromatherapy options for soothing a headache, delivering a pick-me-up or opening blocked nasal passages.


A range of practical products, specially designed to neutralize unpleasant smells, repel mosquitoes and fight bacteria.

Olfactory marketing gaining in popularity

Olfactory marketing uses fragrances to positively influence consumer behaviour. Several precedents have demonstrated the positive impact that smell can have on buying habits. When in the presence of pleasant aromas, consumers tend to prolong their shopping time by 16% and spend 10-20% more. Increasingly more businesses in the retail, hotel, restaurant and wellness sectors are using olfactory marketing to enhance the client experience. The Aromaestro diffuser enables you to very precisely control your olfactory ambience like never before.

How Aromaestro can be used

-At home!

Your sense of smell is very sensitive and delicate. Now you can control the olfactory ambience at home according to your mood and needs.

-Retail businesses

Fragrances exert great influence on your emotions and may accelerate the consumer buying process.

-Hotels and restaurants

Hotels often opt for a woody fragrance to create a cosy environment, while restaurants frequently choose something citrusy to open the appetite of guests.

-Spas and sports centres

A light aroma of basil and coriander will help spa clients relax, but sports facilities will want something more cinnamony to stimulate energy and inspire a better performance.