A pleasant atmosphere around the table

Just like your menu and cocktail and wine lists, your restaurant needs to be welcoming and inspiring! Customers are more inclined to recommend a restaurant where they have spent a good time and where the atmosphere was memorable. The number one strategy for making your restaurant stand out is the creation of an olfactory atmosphere. Aromaestro makes it possible for you to control the odours in your restaurant. By doing so, you will awaken your customers’ senses and enhance their culinary experience. Olfactory marketing plays a key role in arousing emotions, while helping build the loyalty of your customers. Let them feel inspired; it’s as easy as that!

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Air purification
Raise your quality standards
To get rid of unwanted odours, Aromaestro offers you a highly effective solution for controlling odours emanating from the kitchen, dining room and bar. Once those odours are neutralized, your customers will enjoy a pleasantly breathable atmosphere in which they can relax to their hearts’ content. Your customers can also rest assured that the gorgeous scent of your restaurant will not leave its print on their clothes. The ultimate measure of a restaurant’s cleanliness is the hygienic standards of its bathrooms. With its powerful anti-odour technology, our diffuser will leave your restaurant with an unprecedented freshness in the air!
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Ambient fragrances
Fragrances à la carte!
Aromaestro aromas are designed to stimulate the senses and appetite of your customers. Our range of ambient fragrances will arouse specific emotions in your customers while they are enjoying your savoury dishes. This careful and thoughtful attention will ultimately make you stand out among the competition. Thanks to an optimized and controlled diffusion, your customers will love that most pleasant olfactory balance while enjoying their meal in your restaurant. Discover our subtle and inviting aromas of basil and apricot that will intensify the culinary pleasures of your customers!
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Customized olfactory signatures
Olfactory marketing: hand in hand with a gastronomic experience
In the catering industry where supply is increasing and competition is becoming more and more cutthroat, enhancing customer experience is paramount in making your restaurant stand out. Creating an inspiring and distinguished atmosphere in your restaurant is a proven strategy for ensuring your customers remember and recommend you. Olfactory marketing also offers customers an extra and increasingly popular culinary experience by awakening the senses and creating a unique atmosphere. Since your customers will also be inclined to stay to consume more, your sales will increase significantly. Discover our exclusive olfactory signature creation service and ensure customer loyalty by arousing an emotion inseparably linked with your restaurant!
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Pleasures of the table
Do you want to create the ultimate customer experience and offer an atmosphere conducive to well-being? Make aromatherapy an integral part of your lounge or bar! Aromatherapy is a therapeutic practice that is ideal for stimulating the senses: your customers will enjoy pure happiness. Since your customers will feel great, they will tend to spend more time around the table enjoying the fascinating olfactory atmosphere you have given them. They will naturally be tempted and inspired by the products you offer them. Discover our blends of essential oils designed to guide your customers towards a unique gastronomical experience!
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An innovative diffuser

Developed and designed in Québec, the Aromaestro diffuser uses a high-performance nebulization process that provides optimal diffusion within your living spaces. Unique, elegant, silent and connected, it offers cutting-edge technology and fits everywhere. Feel the difference of a healthy environment every day!

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Aromaestro provides you with 100% connectivity through a web-based application allowing you to manage everything remotely via a control panel. With your tablet, mobile phone or computer, you can enjoy optimal management of your diffuser wherever you may be.
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