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Olfactory marketing is one of the most popular strategies used to foster a receptive attitude in your customers. For many stores, sight and hearing are the two most exploited senses, whereas the sense of smell is without a doubt key to ensuring you stand out from the competition. Since we associate smells directly with memories, you will be offering your customers a truly memorable experience. Furthermore, your customers’ feelings and emotions while making purchases in your store will be enhanced by a positive impression of their shopping experience. Strengthen your customers’ bonds with your Aromaestro olfactory brand!

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Air purification
Let your customers feel inspired
The olfactory atmosphere that dominates your store can have a considerable impact on in-store customer experience. Shoppers can even leave your store quickly if unpleasant odours are too great a source of irritation. The use of an air purification device creates a relaxed atmosphere and a real feeling of cleanliness and order. A sanitized space will give your customers time to feel inspired in a place where it feels great to take a deep breath, which is paramount to the impression they will have of your brand. Explore our air purification solutions to enhance your customers’ in-store shopping experience!
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Ambient fragrances
Embellish your store with ambient fragrances
Pleasant odours can undeniably accelerate or embellish the process leading to a purchase. A positive olfactory experience is conducive to increasing the time customers spend shopping and the attractiveness of your brand. A carefully chosen ambient fragrance brightens up customer experience and creates a specific atmosphere, often reflecting a state of mind. Imagine the rich aroma of coffee in a bakery where croissants are fresh out of the oven, or woody notes recalling a mixed woodland in a sports store, transporting your customers to the great outdoors!
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Customized olfactory signatures
Give meaning to your brand
Leave a most memorable sensorial mark with an olfactory logo! A carefully designed scent associated with your brand is as important as your store sign, in-store displays or music choice. At a time when ensuring customer loyalty is a strategy of paramount importance, having a unique signature fragrance will allow your store to stand out. In addition to increasing the number of customers, your olfactory signature will markedly attract the attention of people who are actively shopping. Discover all the advantages of in-store sensorial marketing and amplify the emotional ties between your customers and your brand!
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A sensational strategy
Charm your customers with aromatherapy, popular for the feeling of well-being it provides! This therapeutic practice is ideal for immersing your customers into the very heart of one of the most positive sensorial experiences. Developing a refreshing, soothing or Zen feeling through aromatherapy contributes in particular to supporting the marketing efforts used in store to make your brand stand out. Combined with our high-performance diffusion technology, Aromaestro’s essential oils allow you to create a signature atmosphere that your customers will remember. With an enhanced in-store experience come customer loyalty and trust!
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« At the Maison de la Course, we have been using Aromaestro olfactory atmosphere solutions in our stores since 2016 and we have noticed that in-store customer experience has improved significantly thanks to the diffusion of fragrances. I highly recommend this Québec company for your olfactory marketing service needs! »
Josée Prévost, Owner – La Maison de la Course

An innovative diffuser

Developed and designed in Québec, the Aromaestro diffuser uses a high-performance nebulization process that provides optimal diffusion within your living spaces. Unique, elegant, silent and connected, it offers cutting-edge technology and fits everywhere. Feel the difference of a healthy environment every day!

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Aromaestro provides you with 100% connectivity through a web-based application allowing you to manage everything remotely via a control panel. With your tablet, mobile phone or computer, you can enjoy optimal management of your diffuser wherever you may be.
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