Holding the power of smell, in your hands!

Olfactory memory has the power to recall even your oldest memories. The benefits of a well designed olfactory environment are quite tangible, as it can influence its occupants. But the sense of smell is one of our more sensitive and delicate senses. The use of a fragrance in the wrong spot, at the wrong time or simply imprecisely controlled, can fail to produce the intended effect, sometimes even resulting in a totally opposite outcome.

Combining the power of fragrances with technology, the Aromaestro solution is designed to do more than just scent diffusion: it provides the user with enough control to master the Art of olfactory atmospheres. Its unique nebulization diffusion process, user-friendly installation and Web-based control application make Aromaestro the simplest, most advanced solution on the market.

The nebulization the most efficient way to perfume!

Nebulization is a technique used to fraction fragrances and essential oils into microscopic particules in ordre to propagate them in the ambient air. The Aromaestro integrated wind tunnel then doses and dissipates these aromatic molecules, safely and continuously. This is the most efficient way to perfume, deodorize and sanitize the air you breathe.

Health and well-being trough Aromatherapy

Combined with essential oils, the Aromaestro solution opens up the doors of aromatherapy, providing access to its many benefits and healing virtue.

Synergy applied to aromatherapy is fairly simple. Mixing the right quantities of essential oils with complementary therapeutic properties will multiply the benefits.

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Odour Reduction & Air Care

Aromaestro completes its line with a range of neutralizing products.

Anti-odour, antibacterial and anti-mosquito, three ecological products that will allow you to take full advantage of your space while adding their discrete olfactory touch.

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Thanks to its ultra-simple Web interface, Aromaestro can be controlled remotely just as easily as it would be on location. Using an up-to-date web browser, the user can supervise the system, modify its programs and change any diffuser setting.


Since Aromaestro technology is meant to ensure perfect control of your olfactory atmospheres, it is equipped with monitoring functions that alert you via email whenever your attention is needed, for example, when cartridges need to be replaced.


Our fragrances are IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institue for Fragrance Materials) compliant. They are healthy solutions and pose no risk to your health or the environment.

Web technology compatible with Mac and PC operating systems