Olfactory environments

A heightened sensory experience brings even more distinction in the eyes of your clientele!

Retail store
A sweet floral perfume will highlight a brand's custom olfactory signature. Odours have strong emotional connections and can speed up the purchasing process. A positive olfactory experience will also help increase the amount of time spent by customers in your store, leading to more sales.

The sweet smell of greenery or woody will bring comfort and a sensation of wellbeing. Scent such as jasmine will help people in areas meant for relaxation (spa, pool, changing rooms, rest areas, etc.). The scent of citrus in the dining room has a positive impact on appetite.

Fitness centre
Eucalyptus scent helps dilate bronchial tubes, ensuring better breathing during cardiovascular training. A touch of cinnamon will stimulate enthusiasm and bring a sensation of performance, while lavender helps people unwind after a hard workout (spa, changing rooms, rest areas, etc.).

A light citrus aroma will help whet your customer's appetite. A hint of flower or greenery will create an atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing.

Financial institution
The sweet smells of mint and rosemary help people relax and focus.

The sweet aroma of basil or coriander will favour relaxation.