Restaurants: Appetizing aromas on demand

Some fragrances have the power to instantly whet your appetite. The tantalizing aroma of basil drifting through the entrance of your restaurant will set the table for the perfect culinary experience as soon as your customers walk in! The Aromaestro solution lets you craft your olfactory environment with utmost precision, controlling its unique nebulization process through an ultra-simple Web platform. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can set the timing and intensity of individual diffusers, according to their various locations.


For example, prepare your waiting customers for culinary delights to come using a subtle citrus fruit scent in your entrance hall. Choose from our Citrus, Grapefruit & Kiwi or Lemon & Green Tea. In the dining area, a light basil-based fragrance will help whet their appetite. As the evening progresses, you can program sweater fragrances such as our Fig or Tangerine & Coconut and gently nudge them to indulge in an harmless craving for dessert!

As for the restrooms, make sure they won't ruin your finely crafted sensory experience: bad smells vanish with a unique absorption process developed by Aromaestro: the Aro-neutralizer anti-odour formula. You could also mist a whiff of our Soothing Synergy essential oils to induce a feeling of wellbeing, enticing patrons to stay a little bit longer… and come back regularly.

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A vast selection of fragrances

A vast selection of fragrances

Find olfactory love among our range of exceptional fragrances: Discover the Citrus, Woody, Floral, Fruity, Herbal and Signature aroma families. Journey into the Aromaestro universe!

Aromatherapy at home

Combined with essential oils, your Aromaestro solution opens the doors of aromatherapy. Soothing or stimulating, they can improve your wellbeing, naturally: Soothing Synergy, Calming Synergy, Energizing Synergy, Expectorant Synergy et Stimulant Synergy.


A range of essential utility products, specially designed to neutralize unpleasant smells, repel mosquitoes and fight bacteria.