Wellness Centres and Spas: Fragrances for relaxation

Customers entering a wellness centre, or a spa, seek relaxation above all. And nothing works quite as well as a pleasant scent with soothing properties to provide them with the stress-reducing, relaxing atmosphere they need!

Wellness Centres and Spas

Aromaestro has designed the simplest and most precise diffusion system now available on the market. Its unique nebulization process allows you to disperse essential oils or fragrances in the ambient air, splitting them into microscopic particles. This is a safe and ultra-efficient solution, good for your health and the environment. Each individual diffuser connects to a Web portal, where you can program diffusion schedules in detail, controlling intensity as well as timing to simultaneously create a variety of olfactory experiences in spa lounges, treatment rooms, and hallways.

Choose from a light Orange Bergamot or oriental Ginger Tea fragrance, for example, to help your guests breathe in some inner peace, right from the start. In your dining area, citrus extract fragrances such as Citrus or Lemon & Green Tea, will stimulate their appetite. You can also use our Anti-Odour Aro-Neutralizer to wipe out unpleasant smells in changing rooms through a unique absorption process.

You can also gratify your patrons with the natural, holistic virtues of aromatherapy using our Synergies, specially designed blends of essential oils with complementary therapeutic properties. Treatment areas can benefit from our Soothing Synergy, as it induces a feeling of well-being and relaxation, or our Calming Synergy that alleviates stress and tensions.

A vast selection of fragrances

A vast selection of fragrances

Find olfactory love among our range of exceptional fragrances: Discover the Citrus, Woody, Floral, Fruity, Herbal and Signature aroma families. Journey into the Aromaestro universe!

Aromatherapy at home

Combined with essential oils, your Aromaestro solution opens the doors of aromatherapy. Soothing or stimulating, they can improve your wellbeing, naturally: Soothing Synergy, Calming Synergy, Energizing Synergy, Expectorant Synergy et Stimulant Synergy.


A range of essential utility products, specially designed to neutralize unpleasant smells, repel mosquitoes and fight bacteria.