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To get the best out of an energizing workout, there is nothing like a clean environment that inspires good health and well-being! Offer this unique experience to all of your members thanks to the Aromaestro diffuser. Air purification, stimulating ambient fragrances and aromatherapy can significantly improve the overall experience of members in your sports centre. In addition, your clients will associate their visit with a positive feeling while enjoying a space where it feels great to take a deep breath. The promise of a clean and inspiring facility is all the more in harmony with your values regarding well-being and health!

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Air purification
When clean air takes shape
Synonymous with cleanliness and freshness, a sanitized environment makes your clientele feel fit! Several studies have shown the positive effects an environment free of impurities can have on a person’s ability to regain energy. Thanks to one of the highest-performance neutralization processes, Aromaestro’s products foster the elimination of unwanted odours in all areas of your facility, including change rooms and group rooms. In addition to having a real effect on the health of your members, air purification greatly helps kill viruses, bacteria and allergens: much to the delight of your clientele!
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Ambient fragrances
A subtle fragrance
Stimulate your clientele thanks to ambient fragrances that are ideal for brightening up your facility! Revitalizing notes of citrus or green tea can considerably help transport your members into an atmosphere conducive to working out. As soon as your members arrive at your facility, they will be boosted by a wave of freshness and feel ready to fully enjoy a satisfying workout. Why not diffuse different fragrances in your change rooms, classrooms, swimming pool area or sauna so that they get the most out of their experience? Your clientele will only be thankful and will enjoy the energizing session at your centre!
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Customized olfactory signatures
Discover the power of an olfactory logo
Creating an olfactory signature can greatly help position your centre among your competition and make you stand out. In addition to strengthening your brand image, your clientele will associate your brand with their well-being. Olfactory logos increase the feeling of belonging and are therefore a powerful tool to retain the loyalty of your clientele. Since community spirit is omnipresent in fitness centers, this strategy can also be used to foster a positive experience, visit after visit. Contact our experts to begin developing your exclusive olfactory signature and discover all the advantages that come with it!
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An ideal atmosphere for stimulating the senses
Aromatherapy has multiple benefits that can really improve people’s health. Integrate this therapeutic practice into your sports centre to enhance the client experience of your members! In addition to reinforcing the immune system, toning the body and awakening the mind, aromatherapy is beneficial for the respiratory tract. Discover our unique blends of essential oils whose properties will contribute to your clientele’s well-being. Your clientele will enjoy an atmosphere oriented towards their health where they will take delight in spending time before, during and after their session.
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An innovative diffuser

Developed and designed in Québec, the Aromaestro diffuser uses a high-performance nebulization process that provides optimal diffusion within your living spaces. Unique, elegant, silent and connected, it offers cutting-edge technology and fits everywhere. Feel the difference of a healthy environment every day!

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Aromaestro provides you with 100% connectivity through a web-based application allowing you to manage everything remotely via a control panel. With your tablet, mobile phone or computer, you can enjoy optimal management of your diffuser wherever you may be.
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