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Enhance your customers’ sensory experience with the power of smell.

Set yourself apart from the fitness-centers competition by developing an olfactory marketing strategy that will leave no one indifferent.

Olfactory marketing involves the controlled diffusion of carefully selected, specific fragrances in strategic areas of an establishment. A pleasant, unique olfactory ambience enhances the customer experience and promotes brand recognition.


When it comes to customer service, you can't underestimate the impact of scents, which travel and influence customer perception. A well-thought-out scent marketing strategy is an effective lever for strengthening your power of attraction.

Make a good impression on your customers before they even step through your front door.

Studies have revealed the main benefits of olfactory marketing:

Smell is the only sense that stimulates the limbic system, the region of the brain responsible for memory and emotions.
Adults remember 35%of what they smell , but only 2% of what they hear and 15% of what they see.
44% of Canadians say they feel comfortable in a place where good smells are present.
64% of Canadians say they stay longer in a public place when they like the smell.
When fragrances are diffused, the image of a place is evaluated as 13% more positive and 26% more modern.
Consumers spend 20% to 59% more in pleasantly scented stores.

Scent marketing: tailor-made for fitness-centers

Many fitness-centers are already using scent marketing as part of their loyalty strategy,
even in more limited spaces. Charm your customers with a scent memory, and
neutralize unwanted odors, such as those caused by locker rooms, training areas, bathrooms, etc.

The best places to enhance the customer's experience and build your brand awareness in their minds:

Our high-performance nebulizer technology is developed by our Canadian team.

Our connected diffuser ensures optimal diffusion.

Coverage from 100 ft2 to 3,000 ft2
Remote control via Wi-Fi
Flexibility of olfactory programming according to the desired schedule
Technology showing remaining cartridge life
Email notifications for cartridge replacement
Automatic delivery of new cartridges
Simple purchase and rental solutions
A turnkey solution: no maintenance required
We also offer touchless hand sanitizer
spray stations in addition to
hand soaps for your washrooms.

All scented to
your selected

Keep track of your customers every day

You know your strategy is a success when your customers want to purchase your fragrances as keepsakes or gifts. In fact, Aromaestro allows you to resell your scented products, adapting them to your brand image.

It's the perfect opportunity to recoup your investment and make a profit, while increasing your visibility daily.

Complementary products

Hand soaps, Room mists, Scented candles, Concentrated formulas

A multitude of products tailored to your needs

Three Aromaestro ranges

several refined fragrances available
neutralize unpleasant odours
premium-quality essential oils

Develop your
olfactory signature

A signature scent is a personalized, unique fragrance, tailor-made for your company. Our team of perfumers can create an exclusive fragrance based on your brand identity, which can be applied on all our products.

Take advantage of our free evaluation to capture your uniqueness.

Every fitness-center benefits from creating an olfactory ambience for its brand and market. The free assessment is designed to help you better understand your distinct needs and clientele.


Our satisfied customers

« Our sports centers have been equipped with the Aromaestro olfactory solution since 2016. Our customers have told us they appreciate the fresh scent in the gym, as well as the elimination of sweaty odors in our classrooms. Thank you to the Aromaestro team for setting us apart from other gyms. »

Santo Sanzone

Contact our olfactory marketing experts specialized in the fitness-centers industry!

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